The Sweet Art Of Hammocking – 10 Golden Tips

The Sweet Art Of Hammocking – 10 Golden Tips

Nothing more appealing than a hammock on a beautiful day. Oh great, but what about actually having to “HOW TO”?

There are those who claim that can fit comfortably in a best hammock, requires a lot of exercises and is similar to learning to ride. That seems exaggerated, but we’ll give you ten golden tips for the beautiful lie in your hammock

hanging hammock tips

  1. Choose a cool place to hang your hammock. Carefully choose shade or the sun can see how the sun revolves. An hour later could be anything else.
  1. Hang your hammock in the right way. Make sure you have sturdy ropes. You go securely. You can also use assemblies; these are strong, easily adjustable and pull themselves automatically determined by the weight (thanks for the tip Els!). Choose attachment points that are far apart. Otherwise, you blow a little double if you lie in the hammock. A meter or six is ideal. Make sure the ropes make an angle of 60 degrees with the tree or wall, and the hammock hangs about 40 to 50 cm above the ground when you’re in. Keep the maximum carrying capacity of screws, ropes and hammock eye. Seated at the scouting? Then you can perhaps venture to the beautiful.
  1. Do you want to hang the hammock permanently, for example, on your balcony? Look a the hammock calculator to the ideal heights and angles the figure for confirmation, before making a Swiss cheese of your wall.
  1. Stop! Not yet boarding. Suppress your desire to be as fast as possible and think ahead. What do you need for the next hour? Sunglasses drink, maybe your phone. Want to read? A book or magazine and a large pillow as back support. The trick is; take everything in 1 time with it, and go there for the time being not out.
  1. Then, sit back in the middle and turn yourself into the hammock. And we mean mute peace. Too excited flops in the hammock, sometimes ending in the emergency room, we know from experience. So yes folks, this is truly a golden tip.
  1. Choose the right attitude. If you want to view: Lie angle. This will keep the surf, the sunset or the kids watching. If you just want to quit here: Lie straight. So you end up in a cocoon, and you see anyone or anything. And if you lie very still, they do not even see you. Very nice after a busy day. Do you sit upright? Then all sit cross, with your buttocks close to the edge and legs to the ground. Thus, the hammock is a lounge sofa. This is also very cozy with several people.
  1. Do you like the rock? Then this is a real trick: tie a rope to a tree or on your balcony railing and take it along in the hammock. So you once in a while cranking. Or hang one leg sometimes outside edge to give you a swing.
  1. Sunset behind? Stargaze from a hammock is a must. The traditional way, or with the help of your phone. There are great apps on the market with ‘sky-maps’ that explain a day and venue what you see. Then you get a lot further than “Look, the saucepan!”.
  1. Are you going to sleep in the hammock? Be sure to have your mummy sleeping bag or blanket to keep warm, because late at night the temperature drops most sharply. Hang also possibly a mosquito net, because it’s the party mosquito night celebration.
  1. Have fun hammocking!

More tips:

How Do I Determine The Right Size?

best hammock

When a rod hammock you choose the length of the cloth (not the total length) at least 40 cm longer than your height. You hold still play about with your feet and head.

In a hammock without spreader poles, the larger, the better. You must, however, have space for it. Have not you choose this area a hammock which the fabric is at least 30 cm longer than your height.

How Do I Wash My Hammock?

Because the bright colors may run the hammock always go for a hand wash and let the hammock dry naturally (so no dryer!). Hang the hammock during drying neatly and the hammock is immediately free of wrinkles and blemishes.

When a rod hammock you must first remove the poles before you wash it.

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